Top Tips For Getting Through MOT Test

Your vehicle is over three years old, and you are stressed over facing the first MOT test?  Or did your MOT test expired recently?

Well, you need not worry. According to reports, 40-50% of the cars fails MOT tests due to simple things which can be fixed easily. You don’t even need a mechanic.

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In this article,  I will be highlighting few things which you can check easily and avoid MOT failure right from your garage and save mechanic’s money.

Lights:  Check out all the lights- Front Lights, Rear Lights, Hazard Lights & Indicators. If any of them is broken simply, replace them. Ask someone to check whether the brake lights work when you press the brake pedal.

Tires: Inspect your tires properly. See whether the wall of the tires has any cut, bulge or any deformation in shape.

Most importantly, see whether the tires have the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Tires must also be matched on type, size, and structure.

Don’t forget to check the pressure of the tires. If necessary, increase it at a petrol station.


Check the master cylinder closely. See if there is any leakage around it. You will need the help of a mechanic if there is any issue with the cylinder.
Check the operation of your handbrake. Make sure it works properly by pulling away slowly. It should slow down the car.

Body parts

There should not be projections or sharp edges around the body. Also, the body parts should not be corroded or displaced so that is risky to drive.



All doors must be securely closed from inside and easy to open from both inside and outside. The doors must be easily latchable.


See that there is no significant crack in the windscreen or any blockage obscuring the driver’s view.  Damage wider than 10mm in the driver’s central view and more than 40mm in the whole of the swept area is a cause for MOT failure.

Also, check out the rear mirrors. The mirrors should be flexible, show the rear views and visible from the driver’s seat.


You have now got a chance to blow your horn !! Seriously, blast your car’s horn. If it isn’t loud enough to garner attention replace it or get it repaired.