Steps to a Creating a Perfect Bathroom

It is relatively easy to spruce up things in your bathroom. You only need to be a little bit more creative. These tips will help you get started.

Create the Ambience

This is where it all starts. Your bathroom must have the right ambience to make you want to spend some more time in it. So, get some candles and place them around your bathroom. Make the colours appealing too. Ensure that the overall theme is attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Whenever possible, choose warm hues. Other than that, you may consider adding a wooden chair into your bathroom so you can have a comfortable place to sit as you work on your toes or when using an epilator.

Install a Shower Curtain

Shower curtain offers a brilliant option to give your bathroom a personalised look. Besides, a curtain that sways back and forth is much better than a glass door that moves in and out. Purchase a shower tub combo that can fit into your bathroom especially if you don’t have a lot of space. Some tubs on the market measure up to 60 inches in length to fit into small areas.

Be Creative with Your Vanity

The way you place your vanity can help improve the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you float the vanity, for instance, it can make your bathroom look bigger. In other words, mounting your vanity above the floor can help free up some space to enable you to place small items in your bathroom. Or, you can decide to round the vanity. That way, you can rest assured that the corners of your vanity will not get in the way.

Skip the Shower Door

Yes. You don’t have to install a door if your bathroom is small. If your shower is 5 feet wide, for instance, you can maximise the space available by mounting a 30 by 60-inches tub in the toilet. Other than that, you can use a glass panel instead of a shower door. The idea is to keep most of the water in your shower while freeing up space you require to move your elbow freely.

…Don’t Forget to Hire a Professional Bathroom Installer

Even with best bathroom remodeling ideas, you need an expert to help you execute them. So, look for a company that deals with the installation of bathrooms in your area to see how you can work together to create a perfect shower room.