Solutions to Various Garage Door Issues

People’s garages serve the purpose of protecting their car from the environment. However, at times, even a garage will have issues of its own. At times, they will not open or lock, and they will eventually begin to warp as they age. Repairing your garage door can be expensive, but by following these tips, you can save some cash:

Power Outage

If you experience power outages and your garage will not open, do not give up right away. First, you may want to find a cord, often with a handle that dangles down from the guide track which the opener uses for opening and closing down the door. Now, you have to pull it down to open or close the door as you’d like. This feature is called the manual override for your garage door.

Frozen Doors

During winter, it is typical for mechanisms of garage door openers to become stiff and lose power. However, with modern garage door openers, pressure adjustments for raising and lowering are available. You may wish to check if your opener has one, so you can adjust them for keeping your door functioning well.

Sagging Doors

Sagging garage doors eventually become more difficult to open as time passes. Such is the case for older, wooden models, which are vulnerable to wear and tear. For such a problem, you should add tension rods at the back of the door. Furthermore, you should place them diagonally from top to bottom and tighten them at a turnbuckle just to straighten your door.

Doors that Don’t Lock

Your car can easily get stolen if your door will not lock. Usually, garage doors have two horizontal bars which move out from the door’s center into slots on the side. At some point, these bars shift out of position, misaligning them with the locking slots. If you’d like to realign them you should unscrew the guide brackets on the door edges so that they are loose, enabling them to move. Lastly, you have to reposition them to let them guide the locking bars into the slots, and you finish up by lubricating the lock mechanism.

Calling the Experts

For more tips, you can check out Lux Overhead, as they have a comprehensive list. However, when there is a problem you cannot fix, it may be best to let professionals handle it. After all, you would like to avoid making the situation worse. Remember that regardless of the situation, you would want your door fixed as soon as possible.