A Shock collar for your dog?

A Shock collar is an electronic device strapped around a pet’s neck. It is controlled remotely by the pet handler by administering shock to the animal for purposes of controlling its behaviors. The remote controllability range differs from device to device but the best ones can control up to 600 meters. Shock collars were first used in the mid 1960s to train hunting dogs. They have since been used often to curb bad behavior in dogs like unnecessary barking, aggression or to make them stay within a certain area unleashed.

Shock Control

Most remote devices have varying voltages to deliver several signals to the pet. The shock is supposed to make the animal feel uncomfortable and therefore desist from the unwanted behavior. Though the device is not meant as a punishment to the pet, there is considerable opposition of the use of the collar from different quarters. Animal rights groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) feel that the gadget should never be used citing that animals that receive shock treatment develop fear. A pet may become overly aggressive and harm people or other animals. Other cons associated with the shock collars include the fact that the collar can unintentionally shock the animal therefore causing confusing signals when it is behaving properly. It is therefore important to pay attention to buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Dog response to shock

Some shock collars come with a beep or a vibration before the shock. The pet can respond to the beep or vibration, therefore forgoing the shock effect. A collar whose shock intensity increases with each press of the remote control is better than a one-voltage-for-all system. This way, the animal will receive a warning beep or vibration, then a mild shock at first but a stronger consecutive shock with each attempt until a positive response is acquired.

Shock collars are quite affordable compared to other forms of training; they also get results faster than other behavioral adjustments. If used to keep a pet within a specific area, it is highly effective and better compared to leashing or locking up the animal.

Acoring to Dog Shock Training, a shock collar can be used for a period as a training tool for pets until the animal is well adjusted. It is advisable to develop a healthy relationship with your pet by incorporating other training methods like rewarding good behavior with a treat or a rub to show affection.