Secrets To Smell Good All Day Long

Have you ever meet people who always smell good irrespective of whether they have just woken up or are from the gym. You may have asked yourself a lot of questions but never got the right answer on the same. Such people are always attractive and also confident which makes it easy for them to interact with people that come their way. If you ask many people their opinion on smelling good all day long, most of them will advise showering several times a day. However, you need more than a good bath to have that great smell and get rid of that odor as the following points illustrate.

Watch your diet

Some of the foods that you eat will influence the type of smell that will leave your body. Some foods such as garlic, onions and other spices will give you various nutrients that your body needs but they are not that good for your breath. In some cases, their odor will also leave through pores on your skin, and they may even last up to 48 hours within your body. Fresh foods from some proteins, vegetables, and fruits are best as they compliment your natural scent. Foods with high sugar contents also leave the body with a sour smell after they ferment.

Wear clothes that complement your body

If you sweat a lot, then you should consider clothes that will absorb your excess fluids. Lightweight cotton is the best material to wear during the hot season because it allows your body to breath. Polyester is the worst material to wear during that sweaty period because it does not absorb water. You also need to evaluate your level of physical activity when you choose the type of clothes to wear. When you expose dark clothing to sunlight, they usually generate an odor, and thus they are the best when the temperatures are moderate.

Choose a fragrance that suits you

Many people do not understand that there are different categories of fragrances in the market. Just like clothes, there are those fragrances that suit a sunny day while others will be a good fit during the cold season. You should test the strongness of the fragrance that you are about to use because you might be allergic to some of the compounds in it. Some of the broadest classifications of fragrances include eau de cologne, eau de toilette, and perfumes, and this is some more information on the same.