Perfect Liker – Worth it or Not?

That’s the question today.

So let’s start with what Perfect Liker is and what they stand for.

Perfect Liker offers users a free way to gain likes on their posts on Instagram. The more engagement you get the more popular your account appears to be so that would make it worth your while. In return, you have to like other peoples’ posts and that appears to be the whole concept. Great idea in a nutshell. A like for a like, but now there are some doubts about how much your likes are worth vs the likes you receive in return.

If you ask me this deal is sketchy as fuck, as I suspect that they use your likes to sell to customers through another organic likes service, and in return, they give you bot generated likes that are as unnatural as it can be.

What about the features they offer?

They offer a VIP program, the website doesn’t explain what that includes but it’s safe to assume that you can gain more likes that way.

There is a referral program, invite your friends to gain more likes.

You’ll receive likes based on the amount of time you are logged in, I’m not sure if this partial information is intended because it all sounds very shady to me. Does it solely rely on being logged in or do you have to do something at that time? I’m not sure, it could be that they use your laptop / PC to mine cryptocurrencies while you’re logged in. Who knows what’s going on, or perhaps your account becomes part of some bot farm?

I wouldn’t use them for that reason alone, if you are part of a bot farm you risk losing your account and if they use it to mine currencies your computer will run on full resources, especially for laptops that might actually be hurtful because they tend to heat up fast, especially when you live in a country like Thailand where my table feels like 80 degrees Celcius and I’m doing nothing special right now besides writing this review for you.

How much does the VIP program costs?

No one really knows, perhaps you could sign up as a free member first to see what else they have to offer. Due to the nature of their service, I don’t even want to spend one minute on their website. Mainly because they require me to log in with my own Instagram credentials. Well, that just ain’t gonna happen.