New Methods of Increasing your Instagram Followers

A lot of talk has been going on for a while now concerning the increased reliance on third-party affiliate companies to grow the number of followers on Instagram. Whereas some people argue that cheating the system or growing your account organically is all down to your moral decency, I highly disagree. At present, the success of your marketing campaigns on social media is tied to the number of followers you have.

As such, all businesses, small and large alike are turning to automation to increase their following. Small businesses are also trying to keep up with their larger counterparts by buying followers to strengthen their online presence. Now, having established that numbers are an important variable when it comes to social media marketing, let’s look at some of the methods you can use to increase your following on Instagram.

Have an Appealing Bio

A well-crafted Instagram bio is very important as it can lure new followers and customers. The best way to draft an eye-catching bio is to focus the attention on your target audience rather than yourself. Let the customer know what you do and convince him or her why they should follow you. Still, do not forget to include a call-to-action statement where the customer can go straight ahead and buy your products or subscribe to your mailing list.


Whereas it might not be the best route to take, automating your account can increase your following within a very short period of time. However, you need to have a critical understanding of how to use automation to your benefit without putting your account at any risk. Take the time to learn more about automation tools such as Boomul among others, by reading reviews from sites such as The Small Business Blog and establish whether it can work for you. Avoid complete automation and often substitute automation with organic interaction. Bots should not be used as the foundation of your marketing strategy but rather to drive the strategy.

Post Consistently

Posting regularly helps to keep your account active at all times. Instagram users are always looking for something new, thus, if you can be able to avail compelling content regularly, say about once or twice each day, you are likely to attract new followers. If you post regularly, your posts are likely to appear at the top of the timeline as a result of Instagram’s algorithm.


If you actively engage with your followers, there is a high likelihood of your posts being shared. This increases your brand’s visibility, thus attracting new potential customers. With so many features available on Instagram today including stories and live videos, there is no limit to the type of content you can create as long as it’s compelling and engaging.