Why You Need an Electric Blanket in Winter

Electric beds, blankets, mattress pads and throws offer an excellent way to make your nights warm during the winter season. These items feature several attributes that help you to remain warm and comfortable at sleep time. Some of these attributes include temperature controllers with adjustment setting and automatic shut-off capability.

Another great feature of electric bedding is dual control capability. This feature is common in king size bedding that can be used by more than one person at the same time. Most of the electric bedding is machine washable and requires very little energy to operate. This means that you may see your electric bill reduce consistently after using these products for some time.

Electric throws are perfect for night and day use as they can be used out of bed. They offer an inexpensive option for travellers and come highly recommended as a winter gift. Electric throws are great alternatives to space heaters which consume a lot of energy. If you want to spend those cold winter nights watching a movie or doing something else at the comfort of your home, consider investing in an electric throw.

Just like electric throws, there are several wearable electric blankets available on this website that can keep you warm yet give you the freedom to move around. These are worn like bathrobes that cover the body, feet, and arms.  Most electric blankets automatically shut off after one hour as a way of conserving energy.

If you do want to enjoy highly controlled temperatures, then low voltage electric blankets and throws may be great for you. These use 25 volts and 16 volts respectively. They are good at producing even heat across the surface and do not have hot or cold pockets. They often go off after 10 hours and have controller spots which monitor overheating and reduce temperatures automatically. They often combine safety and comfort, with wires hidden under their soft covers to avoid irritation.

Another great invention in electric bedding is the electric mattress pad which generates consistent warmth across its entire surface. Electric pads provide three times more consistent heat than other types of bedding. They also heat up faster and do not shrink after washing. Shut-off is activated after 10 hours of continuous use.

The Conclusion

With such a variety of devices to choose from, you are assured of constant warmth during the cold season. As mentioned above, some of the features to consider when shopping for your electric beddings include temperature control, size, dual control, durability, warranties and safety features.