Keeping Your Elliptical Trainer in Perfect Working Condition

If you are so lucky as to have your own elliptical trainer, you understand the various benefits that it brings in terms of enjoyment and fitness. If you know this fact, then you must be looking forward to your elliptical workouts each day.

With ownership comes responsibility. You need to use the trainer in a safe way to avoid injuries and to keep it in the right condition. Today we delve into what is involved in proper maintenance of your elliptical equipment after you grab one from Indoor Ellipticals.

Set It Up Well

The best way to keep the elliptical trainer in perfect condition is to set it up the right way. Whether you are doing the job by yourself or you are hiring a contractor, you need to make sure you get the assembly right before you can use it.

Take time to follow the instructions that come with the equipment to the latter. At the end of the assembly you shouldn’t have any leftover parts. If it appears that the components don’t fit properly, call in an expert.

Frequent Greasing is Essential

Your elliptical trainer comes with a tube of grease and instructions on where to use the grease. When applying grease, make sure you do it in significant quantities. Grease tends to dry up and get off each time which needs reapplication.

Some parts are hard to reach, which requires you to use a sprayer to spray some WD40 to the joints. However, if the joints can be unbolted, it is advisable to unbolt them and apply grease to the bolts before reattaching.

Protect the Trainer

A simple yet effective way to protect the trainer is to place a rubber mat on the floor before placing the trainer on it. This protects the floor as well as gives the trainer a surface to sit on. The rubber mat also prevents dust from getting to the delicate rive mechanisms of the trainer.  They also keep the moisture emanating from the damp floor from getting to the trainer’s parts.

Know When to Call In the Pros

When you notice a problem, you need to understand your DIY limit. You need to know when to call in the pros and when to go the DIY route. Lubrication and replacement of bolts is a DIY task. Replacing parts is a task left to experts.

The Lowdown

The way you look after your elliptical trainer determines how it serves you. Make sure you have the right tools and skills to maintain it.