Handling Trash in a Large Family

If you have a large family, you are looking at more and more trash piling up in the home. You need to find a solution that works for you. The more the people in the home, the more trash is generated and the faster it needs to be removed so that it doesn’t pile up.

The size of the family might result in more than two garbage cans each week. This is what also happens when you go camping with the whole family.  With children in tow, it is ideal that you know what you need in terms of trash cans so that you don’t end up flouting the rules that have been set by the camping ground management.

Let us look at how you can manage the trash in your home effectively.

Have the Right Type of Trashcan

There are so many kinds of trash cans on the market, and they range in sizes and design too. When shopping, you can ask about the different kinds available, or browse through them at Trash That and make a perfect choice.

Only you alone know the amount of trash you generate each week and how many rooms you have in the home. If you have a huge family, go to trash cans that can be set in each room. This makes it easy to stay organized and keep the home clean.

You can even choose a specific colour for each room depending on the person’s preferences. These trash cans come with lids to make sure you keep the rooms clean.


You can reduce the waste by separating the trash into recyclable and compostable. If you own a composting bin, you can throw the compost into this bin and the rest in another collecting bin.

Additionally, do not dump your liquid waste into the trash cans. Liquid waste mixes with the solid waste and makes it hard to separate the two. You also get a huge mess when you do this.

Size Matters

After you determine your need for a trash can, you need to determine the perfect size for the can. It is always ideal to buy up as compared to buying down, that is it is good to buy a bigger trash can as compared to buying a smaller one.

Conclusion: Positioning is Critical

You need to place the trashcans strategically so that you encourage the members of the home to dump the trash in these cans.