Guide to Finding Reliable Online Reviews

Biased and fake product reviews are abundant on the Internet. If you want to protect yourself from making the wrong purchase, then you should follow these tips:

Reviewer Background Check

After you read a review, it would do you well if you perform a background check on the reviewer. You may want to look out for reviewer accounts with only one review since these could be fakes. Keep in mind that you should only trust the opinion of regular reviewers who write about a wide range of products. Next, you may want to search the reviewer on Google or social media. After all, some websites require a Google or Facebook account to post, so you can tell if they are authentic or not.

Read Reviews on Different Sites

Reading reviews from several different sites can help you estimate a product’s actual value. Also, you are able to avoid falling for skewed opinions since you read the testimonies of people from different demographics. Furthermore, you may want to read at least more than seven reviews from different websites. At least, you can identify trends that way, and your final judgment will be precise.

Ignore Extreme Reviews

Extreme reviews tend to be either too positive or negative, so you may want to look out for them. These tend to be somewhat biased or at least less objective. Ideally, you should only take their word for it if the reviews are real.

Watch Out for Similar Wording

Some reviewers are paid to either write a review or rewrite reviews. Thus, it is best that you examine if the reviews have wordings that are too similar and sound as if they come from the same person. Also, there are paid bloggers who spam specific keywords, which are noticeable.

Extra Tips

There is even better advice out there, and these are just a few you can begin with. You can check other websites for their opinions and tips for dealing with biased and fake reviews. If you want a specific suggestion, check Selected Best as they have honest opinions.


It takes extreme caution to avoid falling for biased and fake reviews on the Internet. However, once you begin to get used to identifying them, it will become easier for you to do. Furthermore, you can always follow these tips in case you are unsure of how to take a specific review. Just check out other websites if they have a similar opinion, perform a background check on the reviewer, watch out for similar wordings, and if the review sounds too extreme, ignore it.