Fight Anemia With These 5 Iron-Rich Foods

Are you having trouble with iron-deficiency anemia? Or, are you tired of taking those ferrous sulfate supplements that come with nasty side effects? Well, there is good news for you, since there are healthy foods that can help boost your iron:

#1: Spinach

When it comes to vegetables that fight anemia, spinach sits at the top. After all, its iron content is the highest among all the veggies. Furthermore, it comes with a plethora of nutrients, such as beta-carotene, calcium, dietary fiber, and vitamins A, B9, C, and E. Thus, consuming at least half a cup of spinach will make your body stronger.

An easy cheat for eating more spinach is to make green smoothies. After all, spinach is a suitable ingredient for them, and you can add more ingredients to boost your drink’s nutritional profile. If you are in need of a blender, feel free to have a look at, as they have the biggest bang for your buck.

#2: Red Meat

As any doctor would recommend, red meat is rich in iron that the body absorbs with ease. To be specific, the heart, the kidneys, and the liver of animals are high in heme-iron. Furthermore, red meat contains a considerable amount of vitamin B12. As a trivia, beef liver has up to six times the daily recommendation for iron.

#3: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is rich in both protein and iron. Furthermore, it has an enjoyable taste so you can eat a tablespoon or two daily. By doing so, you can add more iron to your diet. However, if you find the taste unbearable, you can choose to eat roasted peanuts instead.

#4: Beetroot

Although it is quite underrated, beetroot is a great addition to your diet when fighting anemia. Like spinach, it is a vegetable that is rich in iron. However, if you are not fond of it, you can opt for the next one instead.

#5: Tomatoes

You may find it quite surprising that tomatoes are on this list. Well, these are more popular for the vitamin C and lycopene content, but that supplements iron-rich diets. After all, vitamin C can boost a person’s iron absorption in the body, which is an indirect method of fighting anemia.


Iron-deficiency anemia is a troublesome condition, but the solution is easy by adjusting one’s diet. You can begin by eating these five iron-rich or iron-boosting food.