Drill Bits And Variety Of Tips That It Can Have

Drill bits are amongst very important assets of various professionals including the electrician, carpenters, locksmith, plumbers and several others. This is why, if you are engaged in any of these professions, you must have a sound knowledge on various types of drill bits and how they can help you in your assignments. While buying a drill bit or a set of bits, you must know when and where to use these different bits to improve your efficiency and make yourself much more efficient.

There are some companies like the Drill Bit Best that can help you with the information regarding these bits and their usage on its website. You need to go through each and every detail about the bits like its adaptability with various types of drills, precision that it can guarantee and most importantly have a good look at the tip of the bits. Here are some lucid details about the various types of tips that are used in drill bits to help you in improving your knowledge and thus your working capability:

Taper bits:

As the name suggests, the taper bits are tapered up to the far end of the bit which makes it easier for you to drill out a tapered hole in walls. These types of tips are used sparingly and most commonly only for fitting in the screws in the wooden segments.

V-point bits:

This bit is used commonly to dig in the angled holes and is used only for special purposes. The structure of this tip is more like an arrow top that is why they are also sometimes called as the arrow bits. Most commonly, it is being used to create the holes in the steel sheets. These tips are generally very sharp and most prominently comprise of tungsten that allows it to drill through the rigid materials.

Fishtail point bits:

These bits can be better defined as the reverse V bits as their structure is a bit like that. These bits are commonly used for creating angled joints in furnitures to add up the attachments. Most commonly, these tips are used with power drills as with the hand drills, it can be quite complex to drill at the angles.

Split point bits:

These bits are known for their superior accuracy and drilling capability. When you are using a bit with a split point, it can help you to reduce the effort as it is sharper than the commonly used conventional bits and at the same time, it is also a very viable option for the curved surfaces with their split structure. Another facet about these tips is that they are amongst the most expensive bits because of their superior capabilities and efficiency.