Automation at Instagram – Does it Still Work?

Instagram was a hot item this month as many people had their account closed and/or banned for life, and many celebrities with followers into the millions lost 20% of their fanbase overnight. This was a direct result of Instagram’s API that was disabled. Many less clever bots use this API for their actions so it comes as no surprise that many botters were affected by this change. Thankfully not all growth services are based on bots, there are plenty of services that are manually run by dedicated managers that know what they are doing.

Social Steeze is One of Them

If you haven’t heard of that service before I suggest you start by reading this post by Quantum Marketer as it’s their highest recommended service and I haven’t seen any negative feedback rolling in so it appears this service is completely unaffected by the latest changes. Usually, it’s always a battle between Instagram and developers but time has proven over and over again that the guys behind Social Steeze are always one step ahead of the game vs others who are playing catch up.

Rise Social – Another Personal Favorite

While the complaints kept on rolling in and people kept on claiming that botting is dead I decided it was time to check my account at Rise Social, and at Instagram itself, of course, to see if I were affected and there was nothing that alerted me of something being wrong. Everything worked as it should and my account already gained another 2000 followers in the past week and I even got some extra engagement on my posts.

Tracking Stuff to Make Sure

Brand24 Insta Analytics is my favorite when it comes to tracking my account and subsequently, the number of followers I gained, the number of likes and comments I received, the times that I post that turn to work out best and so forth. When I logged in to my admin panel I once again didn’t notice anything odd, yes my total follower account was a bit less but that’s because they cleaned up all the spam accounts so the end result was positive as with a less spammy follower profile you get more real people in your fan base, and that results in a higher organic reach so when that climbed from 5.5 to 6.5% there was nothing for me to complain about.

So Is Botting Dead?

Far from I would say, none of my accounts have been affected and my organic growth has increased so nope, botting is still alive and well.